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<strong>Product introduction:</strong><br>1. Original design of double reducer ensures balanced drive,reduces power consumption and operates with adjustable speed.<br>2. The improvement of open door shaft and link mechanism ensures the angel of openning door is larger than..
Centralized valves control system,reliably add steam, easily operate. Improved main drive and pressing room make output increase and feed quality better. Feeder with round feeding tube and frequency conversion feeding, feeding tube prevents knotting arch and ensures feeding equally. Conditioner..
<p>Product Introduction:<br>  High speed and powerful conditioner<br>  Over ten years useful life<br>  15% higher productive efficiency<br>  All round after-sales service<br>  Many professional models ensure consumers sustainable..
<div><strong>Product introduction:</strong><br>  Ministry-level authentication,use SFSP112 series grinders instead of imported grinders,international advanced grinders and real dropping water grinders.Taking ordinary grinding,fine grinding and micro-grinding,widely..
<p>Product introduction:<br>  1. With high output, good performance, low energy consumption, low noise and beautiful appearance character.<br>  2. Stable working,reliable operation, higher curing degree of extruded feed.<br>  3. Use differential diameter..
Product introduction:<br>1. Wide application scope, strong applicability, adjustable temperature and pressure,extrude all kinds of single materials,rags and crushed materials.<br>2. Kill bacteria and toxins,improving quality and digestibility.<br>3. Mainly used in feed..
Product introduction:<br>1. Mild mixing,high evenness degree and segregation-free.<br>2. Short mixing term, quick discharging and less residue.<br>3. Two-way ribbon rotor made of high quality alloy steel,installed with round ring device for clearing materials.<br>4. Balanced..
<strong>Product introduction:</strong><br>Use big power serpentine spring coupling with strong compensated displacement. Use more thin oil out of pellet mill to cool down lubrication device, lubricate main bearings forcibly. Euipped with roller and die distance adjustment..
<strong>Product introduction:</strong><br>1. Adjustable blade structure increases the blade useful life and reduces residue.<br>2. Reliable spraying system ensures the spraying without any fault and operate conveniently.<br>3. The evenness degree CV of mixing is up to..
This kind of Hammer Mill can be used to crush raw materials of various granular, such as corn, wheat, peas, rice, oil cake, fish meal etc. Our hammer mill designed to maximize the nutritional value of feed and built with durable materials. It can deliver high quality processed grain with minimum..