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Mixed with the two combined granulation, operation and maintenance is simple.
With the rapid development of feed pellets industry, flat die pellet mill becomes more and more popular in breeding industry. Featured with the unique advantages of simple structure, small area coverage, competitive price and low consumption, it is a good choice for small-scale industrial..

Roller Assembly, Roller Crust, Circular Mold, Slice, Eccentric Shaft, Hold Hoop
Rotary Feed Pellet  Grading Sieve IntroductionThe rotary grading sieve is a necessary equipment for feed pelletizing plants. It is designed to sieve and gradefeed pellets or the intermediate products after secondary crushing. It can also be used to clean the raw materials for..

The hammer mill of 40 type are special products. It is the most ideal grinding equipment of all kinds of stalk, corn, soybean, rubber, and etc.  Structure reasonable, firm durable, safe reliable, easy operation, the vibration small, and the efficiency is high. It is widely used in the..
Materials keep dry when gonging into and coming out of the pellet mill, and there is no need to dry it (moisture of raw material>13%). It is used with motor or diesel engine. The output volume is high, energy  consumption is low and the operation is convenient.It can produce the sphere pure..
Function and FeatureThis machine is used for the mixing of grain kinds in requested rates manually before the grinding of grain and for the capacity adjustment.Operation Fiels•Flour and Semolina Mills•Maize Mills•Animal Feed Plants•Oil Refineries 
Introduction to Fish Feed Pellet DryerWhen the pellets are discharged from the fish feed machine, the pellets temperature can be 90℃ and moisture about 18%. The temperature must be reduced quickly to ambient and moisture to 8%-12% for storage. We can supply two types of feed pellets dryer,..

Our bagging machine is designed for automatic filling of material in open mouth bags. The machine is net filling type and in this, material to be bagged is weighed in a weigh hopper and is emptied into bag. The machine is fitted below an overhead storage bin with flexible connection and..
SWDB series granulated feed stabilizer is a post-curing equipment aiming to improve the grain quality; with long stabilizing time, it can further improve the curing degree of granulate feed and mixing affect and quality, improve obviously the stability of granulated feed in water, delay the..