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We manufacture replacement screens for use in hammer mills
Mixed with the two combined granulation, operation and maintenance is simple.
Hammer Piece, Screen Piece, Hammer Pin
The hammer mill of 40 type are special products. It is the most ideal grinding equipment of all kinds of stalk, corn, soybean, rubber, and etc.  Structure reasonable, firm durable, safe reliable, easy operation, the vibration small, and the efficiency is high. It is widely used in the..
Used in the mixing of feed additives, pre-mixes, feed, chemicals and pharmaceuticalsSpecifications:SSHJ0.2Power (kW):  3Capacity (t/batch): 0.1SSHJ0.5Power (kW):  5.5Capacity (t/batch): 0.25SSHJ1Power (kW):  11Capacity (t/batch): 0.5SSHJ2Power (kW):  18.5Capacity (t/batch): 1
For the production of quality feed, it is of utmost importance that all the ingredients and micro ingredients (vitamins, additives and trace elements) are measured in weight with high precision so that the desired percentage of each can be ensured in final feed.As the no. of ingredients and volume..
1. Belt driving and high strengthens screening hull are supported by elastic nylon sheet. 2. Little flour dust, low noise, little vibration, smooth operation and long service life. 3. Smooth running and good classified effect, easily maintenance.
Steel frame structure and hop-pocket dust removing device (This unit can produce 2000-3000t pelletized feed annually,whose procedure includes breaking,mixing,refining,granulation,cooling and drying,and screen separation.The sequence is reasonable,and function is perfect.Control cabinet does modular..
The roll type feed pellet crusher is a special equipment to break large feed pellets into small ones. The pellets crushed by roller with common teeth are usually of 0.6-1.5mm; and crushed by roller with fine teeth are of 1-2.5mm. We have both double-roll and three-roll crushers for choice according..

It is a new-style and widely used machine.Its widely used in all kinds of crop stalk,cotton firewood,straw,clover,peanuts shells,cotton seed fur,  etc.   This series of machine have advantages of compact structure,Strong and durable,safe and reliable,easy operation,lower ..