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Feed Hammer Mill introductionAmisy feed hammer mill is ideal grinding equipment widely used in large and medium sized feed plant, food processing enterprise, etc to crush solid grains for making feed pellets. The prominent characteristics like advanced design, mature technology, good durability and..

Best price and service come from us. Improved design make you save energy for maximum. More details as following: 1. This pellet mill equipped with enlarged screw feeder controlled by FC inverter with permanent magnet to removing iron impurities. 2. Stainless steel conditioner makes even..
1. Belt driving and high strengthens screening hull are supported by elastic nylon sheet. 2. Little flour dust, low noise, little vibration, smooth operation and long service life. 3. Smooth running and good classified effect, easily maintenance.
After cooling pelletize temperature under +5℃~+8℃ in room;Be provided with special efficacy for self-motion egest material,abstain pollute between drink;Adhibit capot debar feed cashing force debar feed;Adopt special egest material casing glide blandly,running placidly;Apply to..
This machine is based on Weight less Zone or Fluidized Zone mixing technology with many modifications at Lark Engg. Co. (India). In this machine, two shafts are positioned in a double drum housing on which series of blades (generally 14 on each shaft) are fixed. The two shafts rotate at a..
Ring-die pellet mill is on the basis of absorbing advanced technologies domestically and abroad.The pellet mill group has adopted mosaic rotating roller. During working process, the press roller can be adjusted at will. And all functions have reached advanced world standard.The ring die pellet mill..
These mixers produce a very homogeneous mix of different ingredients used in feed industry. In this machine, mixing is performed by four curved blades clamped on main shaft which when revolve give continuous turbulent movement to the ingredients. Arrangement is given for direct addition..
Fish Feed Production Line IntroductionThis fish feed production line is newly developed to meet the demand of intensive production of animal fish feed pellets. With many specifications this production line can produce floating fish feed, sinking fish feed, pet feed, livestock feed, etc. The..

Function and FeatureUsed after air channels and before filter or central dust cyclone in wheat cleaning units. By preventing foreign heavy materials in the air from passing to the filter or central cyclone, it makes the filter or cyclone run more effectively and prevents possible punctures at the..
HET Screeners are responsible for separating dry materials according to particle size, providing accurate screening and seperation.