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Used for manufacturing high-grade feed for livestock and poultry feed, aquafeed and used in grain distillations, the production of citrus acid and food processing plants.Rugged all stainless steel plate casing The grinding chamber is of teardrop shape, effectively eliminating circular flow in the..
Function and FeatureDue to the cylinder it supplies incoming product getting grinded and destroyed through the rolls smoothly.• It has a new and esthetic appearangce• Despite having a lesser volume than the others,its capacity is higher• It runs noiseless and without vibration• As the command..
The smashing machine series are the basic productions of the manufactory.They would be the best choice for smashing PVC,rubber and all kinds of straw,ruderal.The structure of this machine is organized logically,and it is durable and solid,reliable,fixable,easy to operate with.It is also very..
1. Always take cooling effect on the pellets when the air from cold to hot, make full use of the air, as the result that need less air, low energy expenditure and no condensation;2. The charge-in uniformly distributed, omnibearing blowdown in the bottom, evenly cool down the pellet;3. Equipped with..
1. This mixer is widely used for the mixing of powdery, pellet, sheet-shape and other shape materials in the field of feed, food, chemical and fertilizer industries. 2. Gentle and uniform mixing; Filling degree can be varied from 0.4-1. 3. Quick mixing speed, short mixing cycle with the..
1. This pellet plant is combined with grinding, mixing, pelleting, cooling, grading, conveying and electrical controlling system. 2. It can be used for producing high quality livestock and poultry feed as well as special aqua feed with the capacity of 1-6 metric t/h. 3. With several..
Automatic feed pellet batching system is necessary for feed pelletizing industry. The system is suitable for material batching and blending process with capacity of 50-6000kg/batch from one machine with one scale to one machine with three scales. With the batching system, it is beneficial..

The case for the u-shaped trough, with the scraper shape at the bottom for the semi-circular anastomosis, scraper made of high-quality polymer materials, with low noise, good direction, not residual materials and so on.the chain of transmission by the sleeve roller chain, Touwei round of a small..
Proportioning System: Auto computer controlled batching of ingredients. Ingredients are proportioned to the proportioning bins then automatically dosed, weighed and a batch prepared for the mixer.
Working Principle of Gas Fish Feed Pellet Dyer After fish feed pellets are feeded evenly into the dryer, they will be spread on the dryer bottom by the rotatory spreader. The hot air of steam radiator will penetrate material layers and take the moisture away. Then dry pellets are pushed to the..