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Used for grinding and micro grinding such raw ingredients as wheat, maize, dehydrated fish, shrimp shells, defattened soybean, monosodium glutamate, sugar, medicines, dying material intermediates, ore,etc.Specifications:SWFL80Power (kW): 45, 55, 75Capacity (t/h): 0.8-1.5SWFL102Power (kW):..
1. A new upgrade model of the 1990s, the main performance index has up to the domestic advanced level;2. The main transmission use import high tensile narrow V-belt to drive, the overload factor is 1.4times higher than main motor power, reliable operation, much less noise than gear transmission;3...
We manufacture conditioners for the fitting on existing pellet mills.
1. This machine adopted pulverizing-disc structure, it can complete the working of grinding, air grading and re-grinding simultaneously, resulting in high capacity. 2. Special grinding disk structure high capacity 3. Optimized grading system for high grading efficiency. 4. Main shaft..
1. The stream line shaped discharge hole can make no material being left in the material and avoid cross contamination.2. The screen structure is simple and conbenient.screen layer can be fixed accordingly.3. It can be used not only for the grading and secondary circulation comminuting of pellet..
<strong>Product introduction:</strong><br>1. Original design of double reducer ensures balanced drive,reduces power consumption and operates with adjustable speed.<br>2. The improvement of open door shaft and link mechanism ensures the angel of openning door is larger than..
HET Screeners are responsible for separating dry materials according to particle size, providing accurate screening and seperation.
Timing Screw Feeder, used in the conveying of materials in the feed mill.
Centralized valves control system,reliably add steam, easily operate. Improved main drive and pressing room make output increase and feed quality better. Feeder with round feeding tube and frequency conversion feeding, feeding tube prevents knotting arch and ensures feeding equally. Conditioner..
Water Drop Feed Hammer Mill IntroductionAmisy water drop feed hammer mill is a machine aiming at crushing materials by the collision between the high-speed hammer and materials. It is suitable for milling raw materials like husks, maize, wheat, beans, peanut, etc. The special water-drop design of..