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Pulse Bag Dust Collector :- has high dust removal efficiency over a wide range of particle types and sizes- lower operating and maintenance costs- effective compliance with regulatory standards
Function and Feature• It is used to feed the product regularly and without leaking out into pneumatic conveying pipes at the pneumatic conveying systems.• Flour and Semolina Mills• Feed Mills• Biscuit and Macaroni Plants
Function and Feature• They are used as classifiers in cleaning units of flour, semolina and pulse factories. Separators clean more effectively in high capacity operation.• Double stored sieves can easily be assembled-dismantled and sieve angle can be adjusted.• Increasing and decreasing the..
TFPX series is a rotating dispenser can automatically tune in, the room-use materials and transported to the gravity of the scheduled site installations. Is a multi-point by point to the material for the long-distance control equipment, it has a compact structure, positioning rapid,..
Function and FeatureThe tube screw conveyor is used for the transportation of all floured thin and middle grinded products vertically and inclined to the screw conveyor.Reductor motor transport it's power through couplins connected to the motor,to conveyor shaft.With the help of the leafs of the..
The case for the u-shaped trough, with the scraper shape at the bottom for the semi-circular anastomosis, scraper made of high-quality polymer materials, with low noise, good direction, not residual materials and so on.the chain of transmission by the sleeve roller chain, Touwei round of a small..
consisting of:• elevator foot reinforced with sectional steel, with belt pulley, control flaps, and discharge slides• inlet• belt with buckets• one shaft• elevator head reinforced with hood, belt pulley, return stop, and motor bracket• drive with geared motor, power: 3 kWSuited to handling a wide..
Clean up good effect, purify high efficiency: In addition to the miscellaneous efficiency ≥ 99%, miscellaneous not contain the full integrity of particles or net material."use of cantilever screen tube. Screen tube-feeding, and the expected arguments of the screen, respectively, with..
Function and FeatureIt is used for protecting the machine from the metal particles and increase the end products quality.• Lattice magnet is the combination of the tube magnets• The drawers are mounted above each other in a staggered position so that the raw material passes twice over the magnet..
LT series screw conveyor applies to slope or vertical convey powder or pellet materials, widely applies to small-sized grain, feed and the like process industries, the power is optional according to the height.