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for continuous and adjustable feedingconsisting of: worm case for thread(s) worm shafts with special draw-in thread geared motor with frequency converter
Pulse Bag Dust Collector :- has high dust removal efficiency over a wide range of particle types and sizes- lower operating and maintenance costs- effective compliance with regulatory standards
Timing Screw Feeder, used in the conveying of materials in the feed mill.
Pulse Bag Dust Collector : - has high dust removal efficiency over a wide range of particle types and sizes - lower operating and maintenance costs - effective compliance with regulatory standards
The external form is beautiful, the conformation is compact. It is a comprehensive pre-cleaning machine with feature of adjustable cylindrical screen tilt angle and function of separating samll, large and mediem sized impurities simultaneously.
Function and FeatureBy taking the dust the Jet Filter UMJF, throws clean air out of thechimney so that air- dust mixture has been purified. The round filter body first purifies the mixture with the cyclone system so that dust particles are held in bags.Jet filters are used in flour, semolina and..
Function and FeatureIt is used in all places where horizontal transportation is made. It is used in feed, food, mine, sawdust and soil industry.Technical Structurethe body is made of steel. It has an idler drive bearing system. It designed with a special stretcher connection. It changes according..
It is high efficient dedusting equipment with dedusting rate ≥99%. It has large treating airflow, less floor space and Iow noise;Tangential centrifugal air-in is adopted, benefiting the reduction of air net resistance and filtering bag load; Height of the equipment and length of round cloth..
Pneumatically controlled gateFeaturing rigid profile slide frame, pneumatic cylinder, micro switches, electromagnetic conversion valveIncl. solenoid valve for air control
The case for the u-shaped trough, with the scraper shape at the bottom for the semi-circular anastomosis, scraper made of high-quality polymer materials, with low noise, good direction, not residual materials and so on.the chain of transmission by the sleeve roller chain, Touwei round of a small..