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1. Uses the novel umbrella-type decompress machinery and dial sword system, avoid the materials stagnation or run unevenly, thus raise the evenness;2. The top and the bottom axis use the novel dust sealing construction, avoid the phenomenon of bearing damage caused by the dust;3. This machine fast..
ALFRA is one of the leading manufacturers of dosing and weighing machines with over 75 years in the business. Dosing and weighing play critical roles in process automation, particularly in relation to stock control, recipes, tracking & tracing, and contamination. In this respect, the ALFRA..
System Architecture and Data Sharing
Designed with the Professional Nutritionist in mind, AMTS.Cattle.Pro incorporates the latest CNCPS Ver. 6.1 biology with an interface designed to minimize inputs. How is this done? User interface utilizes a Farm/Location/Group structure. Inputs that are common to a group (for example,..
PROMASST Process Management Software brings performance and cost benefits to PremixMineral and animal feed factories worldwide. Many projects have been successfully realized with this hardware-independent automation software, and all benefit from the possibility to upgrade, expand or improve the..