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The ring dies are made of two types material: carbon steel or stainless steel. They have a good hardness and a long lifetime. The diameter of the hole can be 1.5-12mm.
ALFRA is one of the leading manufacturers of dosing and weighing machines with over 75 years in the business. Dosing and weighing play critical roles in process automation, particularly in relation to stock control, recipes, tracking & tracing, and contamination. In this respect, the ALFRA..
Automatic feed pellet batching system is necessary for feed pelletizing industry. The system is suitable for material batching and blending process with capacity of 50-6000kg/batch from one machine with one scale to one machine with three scales. With the batching system, it is beneficial..

mainly used for feed add molasses, oil and other liquid nutrients and improve the quality of feed, improving the characteristics of feed.optional PC can be imported for process control. Just set up the required additional amount will be automatically added, a high degree of automation.tank and..
SWDB series granulated feed stabilizer is a post-curing equipment aiming to improve the grain quality; with long stabilizing time, it can further improve the curing degree of granulate feed and mixing affect and quality, improve obviously the stability of granulated feed in water, delay the..
Applicable to large and medium-sized cultivation companies and small-scale aquaculture feed processing plants, less power consumed, save power, mixed uniformly.the machine use the twisted dragon to upgrade the materials, smash fast, horizontal mixer mixed more evenly,could work..
The liquid spraying system is designed to spray various high pressure liquids on the feed pellets squeezed out from the ring die in pelletizing chamber of feed pellet mill. The liquid is sprayed by special atomizing nozzle, which increases the probability of the liquid hitting the pellets in a..

Measurement of high precision, stable performance, LCD screen, operation is extremely simple;Measurement of high precision, stable performance, LCD screen, operation is extremely simple;double helix feed is applicable to a variety of different powder weight of packaging;equipped with dust removal..
Feedstuff Grease/Liquid Adding Machine Introduction Grease adding machine is necessary for feedstuff making. Adding grease can increase nutrition for feed pellets, reduce dust in the pelletizing process and reduce wear of ring die and rollers of pellet machines. Amisy automatic grease..

Providing retention time at high temperatures after pelletising or extrusion, the post-conditioner allows conditioning of the pellets before drying or cooling starts. Correct conditioning of a feed compound is necessary in order to achieve good pellet quality.Specifications:SKSQ100Capacity (t/h):..