Russia to build large feed mill to meet pig feed demands

A large feed mill with a production capacity of 500 tonnes of feed per day is to be built in the eastern part of Russia. The mill will supply feed to a new pig farm (also in the planning) with a capacity of 300,000 pigs – originating from Ireland, a rarity for Russia.

The mill and the pig farm are to be built in the Altai Krai territory. The development is being implemented by the agricultural holding Altaymyasoprom, who plans to run the two projects parallel to each other.

According to a press release, the company will need all the feed in order to meet the needs of pigs in the new industrial complexes. In parallel, the company will build a meat processing plant, able to produce 27 kinds of meat products.

As a result of this project Altaymyasoprom could become one of the largest suppliers of pork to Russia’s Far Eastern region. It is also expected that a portion of the feed will go on the open market for sale.

Source: Allaboutfeed

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