Saudi Arabia - New poultry complex

Faqeeh Poultry Farms, the world's largest individually-owned poultry farm, said it plans to invest more than SR3 billion to boost production over the next five years.

"The farm has developed a five-year plan to boost its daily production to one million broiler chickens and three million table eggs. The plan also aims at creating 6,000 employment opportunities at the farm," Abdul Rahman Faqeeh, founder and owner of the farm said as he unveiled the farm's ambitious five-year plan in a workshop at the Nauras resort in Jeddah on Thursday.

"The SR3 billion development plan includes launching new farms, chicken feed factories, model abattoirs and a vast logistic system for the prompt supply of goods to consumers across the Kingdom," Faqeeh said.
The entrepreneur, who has been in the poultry business over the past 60 years, said the plan is laid in response to the sharp rise in the demand for poultry products because of factors such as the Kingdom's fast population growth and 10 percent annual increase in the number of pilgrims.

"The new developments in the poultry industry on the one hand and the farm's acquired expertise over six decades on the other have enabled the Faqeeh farm to launch upon this ambitious plan," he said.
He thanked the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Bank for facilitating the fast growth of the poultry industry.

Elaborating on the features of the new plan, he said the farm would have a reinforced administrative structure with a clear definition of the jurisdiction and the responsibilities of each employee. It will also prepare a second and third line of expert workers in every production sector in the farm, combining the zeal of the youth with the expertise of the older generation. It will also offer continuous training for workers in all sectors with the focus on youth. Training courses, workshops and international and regional conferences on poultry industry will be held. He also said periodic inspections will be conducted to ensure quality products. Another policy of the farm would be continuous update of the preparation of chicken feeds to suit the genetic improvement of the breed in collaboration with international companies.

"The strategy of expansion is primarily based on the principle of simultaneous development of all sections of the industry keeping to a time schedule. The plan that aims to guarantee enough supply of meat and eggs in the country will also take the initiative in developing individual small farms and help them solve their problems and assist them in obtaining loans from the financing agencies, he said.
The company has won four ISO certifications for food safety, administration, environmental safety and professional hygiene.

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    Good Article. Great way for me to keep up to date with animal husbandry news from my home, Saudi Arabic.

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