Mesh Belt Fish Feed Dryer

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Introduction to Fish Feed Pellet Dryer
When the pellets are discharged from the fish feed machine, the pellets temperature can be 90chr(8451) and moisture about 18%. The temperature must be reduced quickly to ambient and moisture to 8%-12% for storage. We can supply two types of feed pellets dryer, one is multilayer mesh belt dryer, the other is gas feed pellet dryer.
Features and Application of Mesh Belt Fish Feed Dryer
1. Materials will not vibrated or impacted during the drying process, so the pellets will keep intact.
2. Air quantity, heating temperature, materials staying time and feeding speed can be adjusted to achieve the best drying effect.
3. Simple structure, easy installation and maintenance.
4. Mostly used in requirement of low drying speed and long drying time. 
5. Ideal for drying feed pellets, grains,etc. Due to the turn-over drying process, it cannot be used to dry viscous and fragile material. Working Principle of Mesh Belt Fish Feed Dryer
Material on the conveyor belt goes through the channel and heated by the hot air, thus the moisture can be reduced. This feed dryer consists of several independent units. Every unit is made up of circulation fan, heating device, fresh air suction & exhaust discharging system. The hot air temperature and circulation volume can be intelligently controlled. 
Multilayer mesh belt structure: one circulation conveying belt, more than two heating machines, several fans, transmission device. The conveying belt is made of stainless steel wire mesh or multi-hole stainless steel plate. 

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