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Our bagging machine is designed for automatic filling of material in open mouth bags. The machine is net filling type and in this, material to be bagged is weighed in a weigh hopper and is emptied into bag.
The machine is fitted below an overhead storage bin with flexible connection and comprises the following:
Depending on material characteristic suitable feeder - gravity feeder, single screw, double screw, flat belt or viberator type feeder is used for feeding material from storage hopper to weigh hopper. For animal feed generally gravity feeder is used. Coarse and fine feed arrangement is provided for controlling accurate flow of material.
Weigh Hopper
The weigh hopper is carefully designed with consideration of volume and angle of repose of different materials.The weigh hopper is mounted on load cells, which sense the weight of material in the weigh hopper. The weigh hopper is of enclosed design for dust free operation and aspiration connection is provided for dust collection.
Pneumatic Bag Clamps
The bag clamp is mounted below the weigh hopper and is operated pneumatically. Rubber liners are provided to the clamp are and avoid slippage of bags. A lever switch is provided near the bag chute for operator to clamp the bag.
The machine is fitted on a separate steel structure to isolate the vibration of main structure, transfer to weigh hopper to avoid inaccuracy in weighing and is connected to overhead bin through a flexible connection.

Auto Bagging
Electronic Control Unit
Electronic control unit is wall mounting equipment which controls the bagging operations. The dust proof unit can be located at a convenient place near mechanical unit. The unit is having LED display and keypad which are visible through a lockable glass cover. The key pad is accessible only on opening the front glass door. During the operation cycle the display indicates the weight data and the status of operation like coarse feed, fine feed, errors etc. The key pad is used to enter operational data like the set points, fine feed margins, in-flight margins etc. Non volatile memory is used to retain data during power failure. Provision is given to store 9 set points. Nine independent locations are given to enter fine feed and in-flight margins corresponding to 9 different types of materials.

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