TCQY Granular Materlals Cleaner

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Jiangsu, China
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Clean up good effect, purify high efficiency: In addition to the miscellaneous efficiency chr(8805) 99%, miscellaneous not contain the full integrity of particles or net material."

use of cantilever screen tube. Screen tube-feeding, and the expected arguments of the screen, respectively, with different combinations of sieve, sieve can be the ideal efficiency grounds.

using reverse feed, expected to drum sieve of a spiral, an increase of the actual length of arguments sieve, sieve rationale for the full effect, and effectively prevent impurities in the material with a net.

screen using internal arguments, the external clearing brush structure. Fiber Impurities in orange and rice sieve-like grounds when a corporation from the spiral-oriented, reliable automatic clearance.

dynamic small, high yield, stable and reliable operation, maintenance screen for convenient, compact and small spaces.

widely adapted to feed, oil, flour, Rice Milling, granary, and other food and chemical industries such as raw materials of the early-finishing processes.

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