HKJ Common Fowl and Livestock Pelleter

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Jiangsu, China
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Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Letter of Credit, Escrow,

The machine adopts twin-motor SPB strong narrow belt driving system, with characteristics of ideal driving efficiency, stable driving, high capacity, low noise, non-pollution and low cost of parts maintenance

The machine has chr(934)1.5-chr(934)12mm aperture and thickness circular mold, and the customer can choose according to different needs to achieve the best technical and economic benefits

Fixed stainless steel cutting knife device with easy adjustment, and quick detachable hold hoop circular mold which can be equipped with coordinated type roller regulating mechanism and circular mold lifting device

The machine adopts transducer control to make feeding, with overload protection device and dumping mechanism outside machine

Pressure bar oil pump lubrication device, quick and labor-saving, safe and reliable and non-stop refueling

It is applied for granulation of high-quality livestock, aquatic product feedstuff and other material.

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