Gear Granulators

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Jiangsu, China
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main transmission using high-precision gear drive, the ring-a lever-type hold hoop, than the belt drive output increased by 20 percent.

transmission of the choice of Switzerland, Japan high-quality bearings and oil seals to ensure that the transmission efficiency, stability, low noise.

feed used VVVF feed, can effectively prevent voltage instability caused by feeding uneven phenomenon.

All stainless steel lengthened bold type-conditioning, open the door with a clean-up, into the steam from the traditional way into the radial steam into the steam to be axial.

international advanced level of compensation of snake-like spring coupling, a new structure, compact, safe, low-noise, low-fault performance.

iron absorption of high-performance permanent magnet devices.

adopting international advanced steam piping system and imported valves, soft drinks separation to ensure that the transfer of the quality of steam.

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