SWFL Series Supermicro Pulverizer

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Jiangsu, China
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To adopt one-piece main transmission structure, with characteristics of high capacity and reliable operation
Centrifugal air sorting machine inside, with characteristics of compact construction and small occupation area
Grinding precision can be adjusted(60-200), filtering rate is about 99.9
It can prevent micro grinding efficiently without screen mesh, and the grinding material has lower temperature especially for heat sensitive raw materials
To adopt high-strength hard alloy blade, gear ring, with long service life
 With patent main bearing water cooling system, it can make long-term continuous operation and prolong the service life of main bearing continuously
Wind charging, to extract stone and iron automatically, to reduce the rate of equipment failure
The design of watch window which is easy to observe the parts damage of granulating chamber and cut down accident
Worm and Gear device for easy and quick maintenance

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