After years of drought, feed crops now facing rain damage

Wimmera-Mallee farmers are heading into paddocks this morning to assess the extent of damage to grain crops after the latest torrential rain.

Some crops had already been downgraded and lost after a month of wet weather, but up to 150 millimetres of rain yesterday has flattened and flooded wide areas and will cause more ripe grain to sprout in the head.

Victorian Farmers Federation president Andrew Broad says farmers had been looking at some of their best crops ever after 10 years of drought and he is concerned about morale.

"Can I say to the farming sector though that the price for feed grain in the world is fairly firm, that ultimately this isn't the end of the world, that we will battle our way through and there will be some tough decisions that farmers will have to make in their own paddocks, but keep your chin up keep, your rubber boots on and it will stop raining eventually," he said.

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