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ive wanted to go vegan for eight months now... but im unsure how to tell my parents, the still are upset about me being a vegetarian, also, and I know i've posted this question before, but people from church always tell me (at random times, when no eating is involved) that god created animals so we could eat them, what can I say back to them? Its getting to the point where I just want to slap them in the face.

why would I want to "deprive myself of proper nutrition" hmmm... maybe because I care about animals and hate the cruelty thats going on?
You can't say anything back to them because you are wrong.

Animals are there to be eaten. Animals eat other animals.
It's part of life.

If it bugs you it's because you know it's true, otherwise it wouldn't bug you at all.
Being vegan is really up to you, your parents may not be happy about it, but what can they do?
If you tell them why you want to do it and if you are determined, then you should assure them that you are going to remain healthy and make sure you take vitamins, etc.

I believe that God put animals on this world, partly to eat.
But not to torture and be so cruel to.

And you arent depriving yourself of nutrition, if you do it the right way.
I am switching into veganism too, its pretty hard, people arent so supportive. But I believe in it, and if they dont like it, thats they're problem. What I put in my body is MY business, right? ;)

If you are going to go vegan it is important that you tell your parents so that they can plan nutritious and balanced meals for you around what the family is eating.
I suggest you get a good book with advice and simple recipes to read and show your mum.
You will need to eat lentils and pulses to get the protein you need and I suggest you learn to cook some dishes to take the pressure off your mum having to cook two separate meals each day.
With a bit of experimentation you should be able to cook vegan pies using beans and vegetables in a sauce for filling, chickpea and lentil stews and curries, mashed bean rissoles, make nut roasts. One simple way to cut down on work for mum is to mix chopped nuts with some of the stuffing mix for a simple nut roast and use soya gravy granules.
You will probably need to take some mineral supplements as a vegan diet is not sufficient on its own.
Good luck
Tell people from your church that they're insane if they think putting human beings ahead of other creatures is morally right. G-d didn't make animals for humans. Animals are like humans in every way that counts; they feel pain, so how would making them suffer be part of any religion?

And since you're religious, you may or may not be able to do what I did when I had the same problem you did... My parents already didn't like the fact that I was a vegetarian, so I was afraid to be vegan... I just "went vegan for lent." I bought my own food so I wouldn't be annoying to them or anything like that, and when lent was over I just was like, "yeah... i'm gonna stay vegan..." But that's obviously only if you fast...
Lol i just finished looking at the answers from your last question, to find out that you asked this again :) Lol.

well all i can say is to ignore those idiots at your church, and whatever you do, always avoid talking about your diet and food choices, because that will cause a debate, and make you angry (Lol trust me, i go through that everyday!!!).

as for your parents, show them that you are extremely serious about being vegan, that's all you can really do, unless you work, then you may be able to buy some food for yourself. You can also try to convince them by telling them that becoming vegan will help to eliminate unhealthy food from your diet such as: chocolate, cheese (may cause high cholesterol), donuts (bad in trans fat!!!), and a lot of other unhealthy food.

i really wish you the best of luck
and if you do become vegan...make sure you eat HEALTHY food! i began by eating a lot of junk food and barely anything nutritional, and i could tell that i wasn't getting the right amount of nutrition, so make sure your parents buy a lot of fruits and veges and always keep the fridge stocked up with tofu, soy milk, and other nutritional stuff.
I would return the question with a question- did god give us animals so that we can torture them to a slow a grueling death? Many vegans are not against eating meat or using animal products really- the problem is the way the factory farms are abusing these animals. I do believe we were 'meant' to eat meat, and I am vegan. Our teeth are the way they are for a reason. However, we also have trouble digesting meat and other animal products. I believe this is because we were not meant to ingest them as regularly as we do.

I am vegan because I want animal abuse to end, not because I don't think it is natural to eat animals or their by-products.
There are so many hormones in meat nowadays that what we do to it isn't really meat anymore. Tell them you'd rather not get cancer to make them feel better. Also tell them you take vitamins. You are not depriving yourself of anything, and you are definately not depriving animals of life.
First of all, good for you!
You shouldn't ever care what people say about your decisions especially if you think your right and your deision doesn't negatively effect others. If your really concerned, just make up that you have an allergy or it was a dare or somthing. You can always take certain vitamins to make up for the lack of meat and other stuff. :)
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