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There are two ducks that are always around my house and they arent afraid of people or anything.. i want to try to feed them and see how close they'll get to me, but i dont want to harm them with processed and fatty foods. i was thinking about feeding them carrot peels or whole wheat crackers, but i have no idea.
Bread is people food and it is thrown to birds by unknowing people. Its ok now and then but its ingredients are not for animals. Ducks, and a lot of other birds, get most of their needs from chicken scratch feed and wild bird seed mix. Whole kernel corn, even from the can, wheat and oats are all ok when added to the above. They will like fruit and veggie scraps as a treat, cut into pea sized chunks.
I would get some bread, like the basic sandwich bread. Tear off small pieces and give it to them, but at first just set it down and let the duck come to the bread. Crackers would be harder for them to eat, and I don't think carrots are in their diet. But when I was younger, I would feed the ducks near my house white bread and they loved it. Have fun!
any kind of bread is fine
This article is about raising baby ducks, but they food they eat is included here and would be the same for adult ducks too:)
If you want... you can give them the same kinds of seeds you would give chickens.... (go to a pet store) its a healthier option to give them than bread

sorry i cant remember the name of the feed... the pet store will know tho... and u can get quite a bit for a few pound (£).
Bread is filling but not nutritious. You can get duck feed at any Petsmart.
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