MycoRed 2011

Cape Town, South Africa
April 04, 2011 to April 06, 2011

It aims to address all issues of Mycotoxicology with a special interest in the conference theme "Mycotoxin reduction - Global solutions" and should be of interest to all Industries involved in food and feed production. The organizers have invited leading international speakers to address the issues. They invite you to access the website ( and join them in the wonderful environment of Cape Town. Some of the benefits and reasons to participate include: Increased international and national attention on Mycotoxins; Increased regulations concerning Mycotoxins; An opportunity to meet and hear international experts; An opportunity to interact with participants on the European research consortium (MycoRed) which has as its central theme the reduction of mycotoxin levels from farm to plate.


Cape Town, South Africa
Contact Person:
Dr Gordon Shephard