PT Feedmill Indonesia success gets ISO, ready to compete Internationally

Feed industry in the future will be better and have stronger competitiveness in the international arena, where always consistently apply the quality standards recognized by the world such as ISO 22000:2005. For that company's cattle feed should also be run

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), quality management and security.

So that makes the company passed on the process of planning, design and drafting system, implementation and assessment of compliance audits, in an effort to obtain the ISO 22000:2005 certificate.

It was announced by President Director of PT Feedmill Indonesia, Lau Joo Hwa ceremony after the certification of ISO 22000:2005 by the Laboratory Institute of Integrated Agricultural Institute of Bogor (IPB), Tuesday (30/11) yesterday at the office of KIM-II Deli Serdang.

According to Lau, who was accompanied by Mr Teoh Bee Tang Management and Marketing Manager Rewi Hanraham, so far it has implemented a quality management according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in the strict quality control both raw materials and finished feed.

In the filing of the certificate ISO 22000 by his side, has been running 3 months and immediately get a certificate with the highest grade and very good value.

ISO Certificate

Feedmill explained that Indonesia has been operating since 2006, where it obtained the ISO certificate within 3 months. "We're probably the fastest animal feed companies to get ISO 22000:2005 in Indonesia," he added.

In addition, the company also has implemented the ISO 20 000 since 2009, but officially fully implement ISO since October 2010.

For targets that will be done in the future, "added Lau Joo Hwa, will increase production so far reached 120,000 metric tons per year with the biggest marketing in North Sumatra and Medan.

Meanwhile, Deputy Head of the Institute of Integrated Laboratory IPB, Komar Sutria accompanied by the Head of the Security Certification Laboratory of Integrated Food Institute IPB, Herman explained, the process of obtaining certification is somewhat difficult because the very complex requirements such as commitments from the company.

"We have still a few who take care of ISO 22000 certification," he said as he called after getting this ISO, this company will be our 9-month audit once in 3-year contract on a regular basis. This audit as a form of supervision to remain concerned with the quality of the product.

"The next time the quality has decreased, will be given a letter anniversary or ISO certification can also be frozen," lid Komar. (maa)

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